21 February 2022

Meet the team: Fast Five with Sylvie Dardare, Client Manager

At Dexterous, we empower people to grow their business. We do this by operating as a complete finance department – our support adapts to whatever your individual business needs.

Here, you can meet Sylvie – one of our Client Managers who oversees the effective function of a select number of Dexterous clients. Get to know her in this Fast Five:

What do you do?

I am a Client Manager in Dexterous’ Sydney office. I manage select clients’ finance functions by being their financial controller. This means that I oversee their whole finance department – both their internal staff and Dexterous’ additional support.

What are your qualifications? Do you have an area of speciality?

I am a French Chartered accountant. I began my career as an auditor with KPMG (Paris and Sydney), before becoming a financial or management accountant for several Australian companies in the luxury retail, counselling, and publishing sectors. My speciality is reconciliations, management reporting and bookkeeping.

Tell us what your #1 tip is for small or medium businesses?

Even if you can do anything, it doesn’t mean you have to do everything! The most common issue I see is small business owners doing everything themselves. They often believe it’s more cost effective. However, when they outsource their finance, reporting and compliance work to finance professionals (like us) they realise the value to their bottom line. Their business is in safe hands, and they finally have time to focus on projects that’ll drive business development and growth.

What do you love about your job at Dexterous?

I love being part of the Dexterous family. Dexterous is a talented group of people working with clients of all different sizes and industries. The team has such a diverse range of experience and skills – it makes it so rewarding to contribute to clients’ success whilst I get to share my expertise and learn from my colleagues too. It’s a win-win.

What’s the last new skill you learnt?

I’ve learned how to embrace technology for the better. Whilst I wasn’t tech-driven before starting at Dexterous, I now can see the simplicity and efficiency that technology can bring into how you work or run your business. Whilst we were already working with many cloud-operated accounting programs at Dexterous, the pandemic forced me to learn how to embrace video conferencing (like Zoom, Teams and Skype) to do my job well.

As a French expat, I love sharing French culture with those around me. I like to take friends to see French movies, eat French food or teach them how to speak French. I am also trying to be more of a Sydney “local”. After recently moving closer to the beach I’m working on getting into the ocean in less than ten minutes!

Dexterous helps you operate an efficient finance function

Regardless of your industry or business size, we understand that every business has different needs to help it grow. With a sequence of accounting and bookkeeping packages on offer, our team of qualified and passionate accounts are adept at stepping up to support your business as you need.

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