A New Brand Look and Feel: The Evolution of Dexterous

We’re thrilled to unveil an exciting new chapter in Dexterous’ journey with the unveiling of our new brand set for January 2024. 

Grounded in a commitment to enhancing the experiences of growing companies and their finance departments, this evolution signifies an important step forward in our approach.

With a new style and sophistication that will be displayed across all of our touchpoints including our website, brand communications, social media pages and more, we have captured our unwavering commitment to excellence and progress.

Here’s a little more about how and why Dexterous’ brand evolution came to be.

Why did we rebrand?

The decision to take on this rebranding journey was driven by our ongoing dedication to our customers. 

Having sought and listened intently to the feedback of many of our valued clients, we decided that an evolution of our brand was required to reflect the growth of our service and our guiding principles. We then took the time to seek advice from other key industry partners and held a collaborative brainstorming process that involved our entire team. Armed with several suggestions and ideas, we contracted the exceptional team at Sherry Design, alongside our managed marketing partners, Ask Marketing, to help bring our branding visions to life and at every stage along the way, they ensured an impactful transformation.

So, what does our rebrand represent?

  • We value innovation.

At Dexterous, innovation is something we value very highly. From embracing automation to adopting cutting-edge finance strategies, we have always taken a progressive approach. Our rebrand is a visual representation of this commitment to innovation—a bold step forward that aligns with our mission to provide pioneering solutions for our clients.

  • Care and understanding.

Our fresh colour palette has been carefully curated to enshrine our commitment to being caring and knowledgeable partners for our clients. Most notably, our teal blue gradient was chosen to emotionally reflect our dedication to understanding the unique needs of every business and providing tailored solutions with empathy and expertise.

  • A more innovative service.

Our new brand was designed to impart a sense of cleanliness and elegance. This was a deliberate decision to mirror the evolving sophistication of our services. As we continually refine our approach to better serve our clients, this aesthetic sets the tone for a heightened level of professionalism and greater efficiency in all that we do.

A new look. An evolved Dexterous.

We are excited to bring our current clients, future clients, prospects, and our dedicated team along this exciting evolution of Dexterous’ brand. 

As we enter this next phase of our growth, we assure you that Dexterous will continue to leverage our industry experience and financial expertise, offering outsourced, customisable finance department solutions that adapt to the dynamic needs of your business by focusing on your people, your processes and your systems.

We look forward to the opportunities this fresh branding perspective brings and are enthusiastic about the continued success and growth of Dexterous and our clients.

So if you are looking for a solution to your finance and accounting challenges…And you’re looking for an innovative, sophisticated and caring solution…

Partner with the expert outsourced finance team at Dexterous

At Dexterous, we may have a new look and feel but we continue to provide a comprehensive managed finance solution that’s dedicated to your business and helping you achieve your growth targets.

This means that we leverage all the latest business tools, access global talent and manage your company’s finances with the local expertise of our Sydney team.

We also equip you with a strategic approach and cost-effective accounting function that supports your growth.Reach out to Dexterous and transform your finance department today. For more information, get in touch with us today or connect with us via LinkedIn.