9 June 2023

Dexterous Group Excels in the 2023 Australian Achiever Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Dexterous Group has achieved an exceptional ranking of 96.75% in the prestigious 2023 Australian Achiever Awards. This remarkable achievement has categorised Dexterous as ‘Highly Recommended’ in the Finance and Insurance Services category, further solidifying our commitment to delivering outstanding client experiences.

Our commitment to excellence is exemplified through the heartfelt testimonials shared by our esteemed clients: “They provide bookkeeping services support for us. I have a Sydney manager I deal with, and I also deal with the team in Manila. Everyone is nice and friendly. They are very prompt to follow up on anything. They are a perfect service, as they meet my needs for the business. Kate has been a shining star for me, and she promptly resolves issues.”  

“They are the one partner I have stuck with over the years. They have been super consistent and provide great expertise. They provide a service we cannot do ourselves and have been there for us in difficult times. I appreciate our face-to-face meetings. It feels as if Dexterous Group is a part of our business. They are honest, reliable and hard-working.” 

“The Dexterous Group staff are thorough and explain everything, and they do not find any questions too silly. There is a balance of professionalism and accommodating my needs. They are strong communicators and are incredibly responsive with their follow-up. I am one of their smallest clients, but I never feel like I am putting them out. The team is easy to deal with. And they have the right people, even though some employees are based offshore.” We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our invaluable clients for their generous contribution of testimonials:

  • Kate O’Connor, Too Nice Creative
  • James Allison, Alliance SI
  • Paul, EarJobs
  • Li-Ann, Sack Me

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