The Finance Efficiency Elevator™

The primary goal of the Finance Efficiency Elevator is to help businesses achieve financial and operational excellence by optimising their finance function, reducing costs, and leveraging technology. This comprehensive program is designed for businesses with $5 million to $20 million in revenue, with CFO support already in place and who want a scaleable finance function.

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Innovation Across
Finance and Accounting


  • Manual Data Entry
  • Disjointed processes
  • Reactive planning
  • Fragmented reporting
  • Siloed financial tasks
  • Overlapping expenses
  • Inconsistent compliance
  • Time-consuming reconciliations
  • High operational costs


  • Automate workflows
  • Streamline and standards
  • Proactive financial management
  • Integrated data and insights
  • Unified financial operations
  • Cost-efficient strategies
  • Robust regulatory adherence
  • Efficient, automated processes
  • Optimised cost management
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Who is this for

For CFOs and financial leaders who are ready to elevate their finance function, streamline operations, and drive significant cost savings. We focus on businesses seeking to modernise their finance function via streamlined and efficient processes and the use of technology. This enables them to achieve strategic growth, without adding resources and cost.

We've worked with numerous clients, helping them to achieve significant time and cost saves through process optimisation and strategic financial management.

This program is not for those looking for quick wins or minimal changes. It requires a commitment and willingness to embrace emerging technologies and leading practices in financial management to unlock value in your finance team.

The Method

Our method focuses on maximising operational efficiency, minimising and or avoiding costs, and leveraging technology to enhance financial operations. By automating repetitive and manual tasks, streamlining workflows, and implementing advanced analytics, we enable proactive and real-time decision-making.

We employ a structured approach to financial management, ensuring that all aspects of your finance function are optimised for performance and compliance. Our strategy involves an in-depth review of your existing processes and systems, identifying areas for improvement, and advice on implementing solutions that drive efficiency and cost savings as you grow.

Optimise Financial Processes

Financial processes include data entry, reconciliations, approval workflows, movement of data between systems and financial/insights reporting. By automating these tasks, we materially reduce manual effort, reduce human error and improve accuracy and timeliness within your finance team.


  • Reducing Excel work generates efficiencies and increases accuracy and timeliness.
  • Automating invoice processing can save significant time and reduce errors.
  • Standardising reporting processes and reconciliations ensures consistency and reliability in financial information.

Minimise and Avoid Costs

There are many ways to minimise your current costs and avoid future costs.

First, optimising your data entry and reconciliation processes can significantly reduce unnecessary spending and further investment. By implementing tools and strategies to streamline, monitor and control expenses, we can help you achieve substantial cost savings.

Second, enhancing budgeting and forecasting accuracy through advanced tools ensures that financial planning is more precise and aligned with your strategic goals. This proactive approach to financial management enables better decision-making and resource allocation.

Leverage Technology

There are three key areas for leveraging technology.

First, deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows. RPA can handle tasks such as data entry, invoice processing, and reconciliations, significantly reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.

Second, implementing AI-driven analytics tools to gain deeper insights into your financial data. Machine learning algorithms can provide predictive analytics for budgeting and forecasting, helping you make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Third, using advanced Business Intelligence (BI) tools to create interactive dashboards and comprehensive reports. Tools like Power BI enable real-time tracking and analysis of financial performance, ensuring that you have the insights needed to drive strategic growth.

Our Promise

If you follow our program, we will identify processes you can remove or reduce, ways you can drive greater employee engagement and technology you can leverage to automate, scale and generate more timely insight.

Within 60 Days: you will walk away with a clear roadmap for your future direction enabling you to confidently manage your growing finance team and support the business.

Your Requirement

The process is straightforward but requires dedication and a strategic mindset. It involves shifting from traditional financial management practices to embracing automation and advanced analytics to scale.

However, it will require significantly less effort compared to managing these processes manually.

Our system is designed to eliminate guesswork, utilising proven methods and best practices to optimise your finance function. We have validated our approach through extensive experience, ensuring that every dollar is managed effectively to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We look forward to partnering with you on this journey towards financial excellence.