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We effectively  manage  your payroll duties and all related compliance requirements  including super and pay as you go withholding obligations.

Quick, easy and affordable payroll services.

Payroll is one of the most important functions to keep a business going. It refers to employee information, hours worked, salaries and wages, deductions, net and gross pay.

Timesheet Processing

Dexterous Group’s payroll services include timesheet processing. We will work out how many hours your individual employees have worked, and how many vacation leave and sick leave days they have left at the end of each payroll cycle.

Payroll Processing

Once the timesheets are processed, our automated software will calculate exactly how much in wages is owed to each employee at the end of the cycle. It will also factor in income tax payments, super contributions and payroll tax.

Preparation and issuance of payment summaries to employees

Once all wages are calculated, our integrated service will send you and your employees a copy of their payslip. Instructions are then sent to your bank on your behalf to issue payment to your employees and the transaction is made on the pre-stipulated date.

Lodgement of required forms with the ATO

Apart from calculating wages, issuing payslips and wage payments, our payroll service includes the lodgement of required forms to the Australian Tax Office to ensure that everything is up-to-date and in order come tax time.

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