A thriving family-owned Hotel Group’s owners were looking for a scaleable and cost-effective way to spend less time on accounting work and bookkeeping.


One of the owners of the three hotels approached Dexterous Group and informed us that she wanted to outsource accounting operations so she and her husband could take a step back.

The client preferred to retain the system which they were comfortable with.

Along the way, we have offered them alternate solutions however their preference is to stay with the current processes and systems.

We listened to their objectives and identified that we could offer them a solution which would fit in with their current Reckon system so they could still feel that they are in control of things, while also taking the burden of the accounting work away from them.  A Win Win.

What we did

We first began work on two hotels and then moved onto the third at the request of the owners. Once a rapport and trust were built, we were asked to liaise directly with the Group’s General Manager.

The case was given to Dexterous Client Manager Sammie Sun, who has been integral to the process. Sammie engages with the client from our Manila office on a weekly basis to keep them informed of what is going on.

As we became more familiar with the business and internal operating rhythm we will continue to advise on software and process efficiencies but we’re more than happy to support them under the current approach.

Accounting not your thing?

Don’t worry, it’s ours and we’re here to help. Schedule a consult.


The owner has now retired from bookkeeping work and is now able to support their business operations on a daily basis. While she has stepped back, we give her weekly briefings allowing her to feel that she is still in the loop. She can also pick up the phone anytime she has a query relating to the business.

“Dexterous Group has allowed me to take a step back from the bookkeeping functions of this business. They listened to what our objectives were and have given us peace of mind, knowing that all our books are in order.

“This has freed up my time and lets me concentrate more on the day to day running and strategic planning for the business. Their lines of communication are always open and I enjoy the weekly briefings and the fact that I can pick up the phone at any time to ask for advice”.