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Dexterous – Stepping into the breach

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Costs Down Revenue Up (CDRU) experienced a situation that many businesses can find themselves in when a new hire in their accounting department left without giving notice.

This put the business in a difficult situation as their day-to-day operations were impacted by the sudden departure. 

CDRU required an emergency replacement to pick up the company’s accounting functions seamlessly and with immediate effect.

The company approached Dexterous Group and after listening to their emergency requirements, we immediately drafted a plan of action to get their accounting functions back up to speed.

Dexterous Group was engaged for a two-month period, which was extended by another four months. We filled the breach and assisted CDRU in finding a replacement accountant to replace the one which left.

Areas of Assistance

  •     Month-end tasks and Board Reporting 
  •     General Emergency Accounting task cover 
  •     Reviewing Tax Returns and Financial Statements 
  •     Cash Flow 
  •     Forecasting 
  •     Balance Sheet Reconciliations 
  •     Reconciliation Template Creation
  •     Assisted with new Management Accountant hire

 Client Profile

 CDRU is an outcome-based consultancy comprising over 60 expert consultants, with most having over 25 years ICT, BPO and People and Organisational Change Management experience.

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