How do you use the full power of your business data? This was the question facing Dexterous client, Donor Republic.


Donor Republic is an innovative fundraising and marketing agency for the not-for-profit sector. Directors Andrew Sabatino and Marcus Blease approached Dexterous to establish a more efficient and effective finance function and provide greater insight into their business performance.

“We thought our business numbers could work harder for us, but didn’t know how to extrapolate it from our current systems. We wanted to use our figures to help grow our business, not just satisfy compliance, but we were too busy to set aside the time to do it.” – Marcus Blease.

They wanted to be more than just compliant, they wanted immediate access to business insight. And to focus their capabilities on using current performance data to grow their business.

Donor Republic believes in the power of numbers to grow their business. They were after a solution to improve their management reporting to highlight key metrics and identify areas for improvement and growth. And to leverage new and available technology while remaining cost efficient. To achieve this, Dexterous tailored a Lab solution specific to their needs.

Ongoing Solution

Here’s how Dexterous approached the challenges they were facing and how they were addressed.

Firstly, Donor Republic’s P&L was reviewed and segmented to align with the business’ revenue drivers and objectives. Xero projects were already being used to track project profitability which provided a solid foundation. Xero has limited reporting functionality so Dexterous needed to introduce a new layer of quality reporting and use data mining techniques to draw out business insights.

To achieve this, Dexterous implemented Microsoft Power BI to produce online advanced insights reporting. We are very familiar with BI and it’s capabilities and we find it a great reporting tool for businesses wanting to drill down on and report on numbers that are generating the P&L. As a result, Donor Republic is able to analyse staff utilisation, project profitability at a glance and quickly isolate how to manage resources to improve performance. Dexterous has been able to manage the establishment of the dashboard reporting utilising its skills and resources from across its Sydney and Manila teams.


The reporting solutions will continue to evolve, however, immediate results have given Donor Republic greater control over and around it’s account management teams.

“Dexterous has helped us have greater visibility over our team’s projects and overall business performance. Now we are able to make better business decisions efficiently and effectively.” – Andrew Sabatino.

Dexterous’ technology-focused approach aligns with Donor Republic’s digital expertise and innovative focus, and they now feel they have the immediate and online information needed to keep growing the business.

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