Stop losing receipts – Log them on the fly with Xero

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Stop losing receipts. Let’s set the scene: It’s Friday night and it’s more than an hour past the time you told your better half you’d leave the office.

You’re desperately looking for a receipt to verify a recent purchase for your business. From memory, you filed it safely. In that shoebox. Under your desk. (You think).

Sound familiar? Imagine if you could just snap a photo of that receipt on your mobile phone and upload it to the cloud. Filed neatly, easily locatable via search, ready to be found without notice. That would make your life easier. Xero goes one better – it can do all that plus integrate the receipt into your entire accounting and bookkeeping function.

Xero is an award-winning accounting software which offers an integrated solution for businesses including payroll, bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable and much more. We are a Gold Partner of Xero and we use their software platform to manage our clients’ accounts.

Here’s why we love it:


Stop losing receipts

With each new receipt for your business, simply take a snapshot on your mobile and upload it to your Xero account. Download the app to integrate your phone or tablet to your Xero account so you can snap and upload on the fly.

If you happen to be at your desk, you can also import your receipt as an image or PDF directly into your account too.

The best part? You can file the receipt by date, name, job type, purchase type and more. When you need to search – you will find. Your receipts are right at your fingertips. Literally.


Create invoices for jobs with attached receipts

If you’re making third-party purchases for multiple clients or jobs, using software to help you manage your receipts is a no-brainer. It’ll keep you organised and save you time; meaning that you stop losing receipts and can focus more on growing your business.

With Xero’s receipts, attach them to a job to keep a record of what has been spent and then invoice your clients with all the relevant documentation attached. Simple.


Create expense accounts

As a business, you have all types of expenses. Sometimes, it’s sending your receptionist to buy a carton of milk; sometimes it’s asking a team member to provide a receipt for lunch on the job.

With Xero’s receipts function, you can create expense accounts for your employees. When they complete a purchase for your business, they too can upload an image of the receipt via the Xero app they’ve downloaded to their phone on the fly. No dramas.

It gets better: Xero can be automated to reimburse your employees if you don’t have time to do it yourself.


Still need it simpler?

If even a slick software solution can’t find you the time you need to build your business, consider outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping functions.

At Dexterous, we use Xero because it offers excellent functionality, security and gives us the ability to communicate in real time with our clients. We can do the accounting jobs for you while you can log in to the portal and see exactly what you are spending, where, when and how.

With the receipts technology Xero has, we can keep things 100 percent organised for you. We offer value for money cloud-based solutions powered by Xero at competitive prices with no hidden fees.

We can scale our value for money packages up or down to suit your business needs. Get in touch today – we’d love to help you manage your finance so you can focus on what’s important, growing your business. 

Contact us today on 1300 996 928 or send us an email on to find out how you can enjoy the benefits of Xero Receipts.