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Why ask a CFO?

A CFO knows far more than good numbers. In fact, a CFO is a strategic business advisor to the CEO. A CFO can analyse overall business performance and provide strategic valuable insights to drive change. That’s why regardless of your question, a CFO is the best person to ask. Their big picture view means they can confidently point you in the right direction.

For Instance:

Is your finance team suffering high turnover?

A CFO can help you mitigate key person risk by structuring and building a robust and reliable finance department in your organisation.

Has your business growth plateaued?

A CFO can identify growth drivers in your business and translate these data insights into a real-time dashboard to empower effective decision making.

Do you struggle with cash flow?

Whether you have a seasonable business or facing uncertainty, a CFO has the know-how to prepare a detailed cash flow forecast and management to reduce financial stress.

These are just some common questions our CFO Hotline can answer. Dexterous Group is an award-winning finance resourcing solution that’s transformed over 200 businesses across Australia. That’s why you can bank on our free CFO hotline to be the sounding board you need to mitigate your business challenges.

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Whether you’re just starting out or managing an established business, our team of experienced and qualified CFOs can help you. Because when you have the right people in your corner, you’ve got the know-how to make your business grow.

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Why use a CFO?

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can:

  • Manage company finances
  • Provide forecasts and budgets
  • Offer insight to strategic planning and financial risk
  • Develop reports and dashboards
  • Review cash positions and forecasts
  • Help get your business ‘investor-ready’
  • Structure efficient finance teams

In short, consider a CFO as an organisation’s financial lens. The right-hand to the CEO or Board of Directors to help steer a company to success.