Dexterous Group directors to change company positions to reflect new industry direction

By August 20, 2018 February 21st, 2020 No Comments

At Dexterous we strive to stay ahead of the curve. We are continuing to focus on where the industry is heading and to solidify our approach, James is moving to a new position within the firm and Nick’s role has also been clarified in the business.

James’ new position within Dexterous is as our Innovation Director. In this role James will be responsible for continuing to identify opportunities for Dexterous to add value to our current and future clients through an innovative lens.

“The basis of our approach here is to leverage technologies in the market to ensure financial information is at the businesses fingertips and duplication and or simplification are reduced through the use of the right IT systems. As a business, we are excited by this focus as it will ensure our clients are able to access the latest and most effective tools to run their business.” Stated James Iliffe Innovation Director for Dexterous Group.

In addition to this, Nick Urry is also now Managing Director of Dexterous. This change reflects his continued role within the business and creates clarity as we move forward as a business. In this role, Nick is responsible for ensuring we are continuing at the very basic level to provide value to our clients through our core services. At our core, we provide bookkeeping, accounting and tax services and Nick is charged with ensuring that whilst we focus on the innovative approach we are continuing to excel in providing the core services.

Nick Urry Managing Director, said this isn’t a new direction for our business as we have been focused on this for some time however we are excited to announce this approach to our clients as we move into a new financial year.

About Dexterous Group

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