At Dexterous, we are more than just accountants. We are a team of business-building advocates ready to help fill the task gaps in your company as it grows.

In addition to accounting and bookkeeping, we also offer company secretarial, government grants, administration and Human Resources or HR services.

Enter Libby – our resident HR expert. Get to know her in this Fast Five:

What do you do?

I am Dexterous’ Human Resources Business Partner. A typical week for me includes working onsite with clients, answering Client Managers’ HR queries, and supporting the needs and development of our talented and dedicated team here at Dexterous.

When I’m face to face with our clients, I’m often advising on HR policy and procedure, contract compliance and administration, employee relations, performance counselling, employee terminations, plus work, health and safety (WHS). I’m also skilled to offer expert guidance and support on other HR needs like employee recruitment, induction, engagement, reviews and training. I can also help with specific HR projects like team surveys or information system implementation and management (HRIS).

What are your qualifications? Do you have an area of speciality?

I am a HR Generalist. This means I’m equipped with a diverse yet comprehensive knowledge of human resource needs. My expertise is the result of my four tertiary qualifications and my 20 years working in the field. I have a diploma in business, an advanced diploma in human resources, an advanced certificate in personnel management and a graduate diploma in communication management (human resources).

I keep my knowledge up to speed by attending Fair Work Australia law seminars and regularly updating my training in WHS, strategic planning, negotiation skills, presentation skills, and recruitment.

Tell us what your #1 tip is for small or medium businesses?

I have more than just one! However, my time as a stand-alone HR Manager propels me to recommend that all SMEs should opt for a paperless HR system. The latest software makes it easy to take care of time and attendance tracking, schedule management, performance reviews and team member inductions. Going paperless helps minimise errors and promotes accuracy and efficiency in your business.

What do you love about your job at Dexterous?

It’s never boring! The nature of human resources means that every day is different. HR is about improvement and always looking to raise the bar – whether for people or processes – and this role at Dexterous, a progressive accounting firm, is such an exciting and perfect fit for me.

I love interacting with people at all levels of an organisation. I relish finding new ways to solve existing problems and enjoy enabling win-win outcomes between employees and stakeholders. I can’t think of another career as diverse as HR. It’s exactly as the late Steve Jobs said, “the journey is the reward.”

What’s the last new skill you learnt?

I can code a form in HTML! I also learnt some graphic design so I could create a new employee welcome video for an onboarding module in a Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

Dexterous is more than an accounting firm

At Dexterous, we understand that every business has different needs to help it grow. Our Human Resources services can help you create a high-performing team that is motivated and loyal. Simply call, email, or contact us here to make an obligation-free consultation appointment. We look forward to supporting your team’s success.