Simplifying and streamlining at speed

It’s no secret that automation is transforming the accounting industry. On any given day, accountants and bookkeepers are faced with repetitive and transactional tasks to complete. Albeit essential, these menial jobs can dominate resources; compromising a business’ opportunity to find time to create new opportunities or focus on growth.

In fact, this is the exact challenge we were facing due to our own rapid company growth. To continue to deliver a quality service to our clients, we knew we needed to up the ante with our automation abilities. Our team has done just that. Since 2019, our new automation solution has been completing tasks for our clients, whilst freeing up our time from these duties. That solution is: Dexter.

About Dexter

Dexter is an accounting automation bot. We think he might just be the cutest member of our Dexterous Family. He is also very clever. He excels at simplifying, automating and improving processes thanks to his love of fetching data. Over and over again. He never complains. In fact, since he launched, he’s saved over 300 hours of work for one client alone.

What Dexter Can Automate

Dexter was born to optimise processes. Here’s a few examples of how he’s serving to simplify and streamline so far:

1. A money transfer company had a large number of foreign currency transactions recorded in Xero using default exchange rates. Using the data provided by the client, Dexter methodically updated every single transaction to its correct rate.

2. An accommodation provider needed assistance preparing monthly statements that drew booking and fee information from different booking systems. Dexter:

  • Converts the data downloaded from the booking system to a format for Xero
  • Generates the owner statement in Xero
  • Converts the statement to a bill in Xero for payment
  • During the process, he assigns the correct GL account codes so that expenses and income are correctly accounted for.

“Dexter is a game changer. Clients who are faced with problematic data challenges have been able to rely on him to process their data simply and quickly. By handing these menial tasks to Dexter, these businesses have freed up their own finance team for projects that drive their business forward. I’m excited to see who Dexter can help next!”Kate Gow, Dexterous Client Manager

Any further questions? If you’d like to find out more about our accounting automation bot Dexter or our other accounting services, get in touch with Dexterous Group here, drop us an email or call 1300 996 928.