Futrli – Making better business decisions 

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Futrli is an all in one forecasting and reporting tool for business owners and accountants which allows you to keep your eye on the ball and plan for, you guessed it – the future.


Cash flow forecasting

With Futrli, you can create detailed cash flow forecasts in seconds based upon historical business trends over any custom period. You can also build projections from scratch or import existing budgets and turn them into three-way cash flow forecasts. You can model accurately and fast with automated sales tax, creditor, debtor and cash calculations, custom payment terms and split payments.


KPI dashboards

With Futrli, you can build tailor-made dashboards either from scratch or from pre-built templates. Futrli lets you create business-specific Key Performance Indicators referencing actual, forecast, financial and non-financial data. Include custom formulas and commentary. Live dashboards update actuals automatically and can be shared with clients and colleagues.


PDF reporting

You can easily produce PDF reports from existing dashboards, pre-built templates or create your own from scratch with Futrli. The software allows you to customise the display with flexible page layouts, charts, table and data options. You can add company logos, executive summaries, commentary and annotate on the charts and tables.



With Futrli, you can upload existing budgets, create forecasts from scratch or use historical business trends to quickly and easily generate projections for up to 10 years. You can combine actual and forecast data to monitor business performance versus budget on live dashboards which can be shared with clients and colleagues.


Business planning

Futrli also allows you to plot business expansion or model business start-up using advanced, flexible forecasting methods. You can combine actual data to monitor business performance against forecast. You can also export bank-ready business plans to PDF and share live versions with investors and stakeholders.



Futrli’s smart software allows you to monitor key changes in business data with financial, non-financial, KPI and predictive alerts. You can also set warning thresholds and be notified before an alert would trigger, giving you time to adjust. You can also receive notifications in-app or offline via email.



With Futrli, you can consolidate and group organisations from any accountancy package, for top-level reporting and forecasting. The tools allow you to maintain financial accuracy with inter-company eliminations. You can also benchmark businesses within the group across any financial metric or KPI.


Scenario Modelling

Futrli allows you to explore base scenarios and explore numerous “what-if” permutations by linking multiple scenarios together. You can duplicate any forecast to model projections and visualise to compare possible business outcomes side by side in easy to read dashboards.


White Labelling

This tool is specifically designed for advisors. Futrli allows you to style every PDF report, dashboard, forecast and alert with the accountancy firm’s logo and colour. You can also reflect company branding across the entire app with customisable charts, tables, fonts and icons, reached via a tailor-made, branded domain and landing pages.

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