What can I do to help my team and customers become more environmentally aware?

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environmental awareness

Climate change is real and it will completely change our lives forever unless we all start to do something about it and the best way to do that is more environmental awareness.

If you want your team and your clients to become more aware about this issue, then you have to take matters into your own hands and help them to educate themselves.

We’ve split this list in two, listing initiatives that you can undertake to help your clients and staff increase their environmental awareness. 

Ditch the plastic

Plastic bags are one of the worst pollutants in the world. They clog our rivers, oceans and harm thousands of species of wildlife that try to eat it, mistaking it for food.

You can help your clients boost their environmental awareness by eliminating single-use plastic or plastic packaging by replacing it with a green alternative, such as cotton bags.

You might want to print your message on the packaging and you should also take the time to explain to your customers why you have eliminated plastic.


Donation schemes

Set up a goal, such as local vegetation regeneration and advertise at your premises. Inform your customers that if they make a donation on a purchase, you will match it. Explain what the goal of the project is and keeping it local can often peak people’s interest and trigger environmental awareness.

It’s a great way to get people on board to do something for the environment which will benefit all parties involved. Your accountant can help you set up such as system, especially if their services are based on the cloud.


Use visual aids

It is good to do your own bit for the environment, but you should explain to your customers what you are doing and why you are doing it. It’s important to use visual aids such as posters to explain why you don’t use plastic, or why you are sponsoring a regeneration project.

You should also post about it on your social media pages and your company newsletter. It’s important to explain your policy to your customers.


Get certified

Does your business do everything to deserve a certification as, for example, a NOCO2 business? Get certified!  Even if you do not satisfy all criteria, use it as an incentive to push your business harder and be rewarded with a certification.

You can get various certifications such as organic, fair trade, carbon neutral, energy smart and more. Customers look for these certifications more than you would think! We are a NOCO2 business and we are very proud to say so. You can check out how to get certified on the Carbon Reduction Institute website.


Talk to your customers

While undertaking solid initiatives is the best way to get your clients involved, you should never underestimate the power of just talking to them.

Explain why your business is going green and tell them what benefits it will have on the environment. Encourage them to recycle or to get involved in any areas of interest they might have.


Get your team on board!

If you really want to make your business greener, you need to get your team involved in the action. There are many ways you can do this, but simply encouraging them to use their strengths to eliminate waste can work wonders.

Pin the last electricity bill up in the team room and set a target and if it is met, reward your team.

Organise a competition to see who can bring innovative ideas to the table and give the winner a prize. The way you go about it is totally up to you and dependent on your workspace culture.


Simple reminders

Most people do not waste water, heat or electricity for the sake of it, most of the time they just forget to flick a switch.

Post reminders in the bathroom, for example, reminding team members to turn off the lights.

Put a notice next to the exit reminding people to turn off the air conditioning.  Make sure you walk the walk and lead by example.


Set up a fund or donation

Set up a fund or collect for a donation. You can involve your staff on any level with this and you can do your bit by donating a portion of increased profits that you are making by reducing waste.

You could even make the cause rotating and let your Employee of the Month select the beneficiary.


Make it something to celebrate

Give your team incentives to contribute towards initiatives to help the environment. Weigh different departments’ recycling bins and organise awards for the winners.

Make it a cake, discount, prize or even an extra hour off. Make environmental awareness initiatives something to celebrate.