10 digital tech trends for businesses in 2019

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digital tech trends

There are some exciting predictions for digital tech trends in 2019 as mobile technology becomes more ingrained in people and the world is fast approaching the tipping point where more people than not have been born into the digital era.

At Dexterous Group, we believe in embracing digital technology to increase efficiency, productivity and to give value for money. Here’s  10 digital tech trends which could help your business get an edge in 2019.


1. Online accounting and bookkeeping solutions

digital tech trendsAny successful business in 2019 will look to outsource tasks such as bookkeeping, accounting and CFO Advisory duties.

It has become a no brainer. Outsourcing these tasks frees up your time, saves you money and gives you value added with the integration of cloud based technology such as Xero to give you up to date reports and valuable business insights.

The detailed reports help you budget, forecast and gain valuable insights about customer behaviour. Dexterous Group offers scalable fixed fee packages to manage accounting functions, bookkeeping, virtual CFO services, collections, data insights and more. 


2. Multi-cloud becomes the new normal

Cloud based accountingOne of the most talked about digital tech trends is cloud technology which has taken off as more businesses recognise that it is secure, saves you money, gives you more bang for your buck and allows you to focus on growing your business.

A recent digital tech trends study by tech giants IBM, found that 41 percent of organisations have a strategy in place to adopt multi-cloud technology. Ninety-eight percent of organisations intend to adopt its architecture by 2021.       

As the name suggests, Multi-uses several cloud layers for hosting, deploying, and delivering applications.


3. The breakthrough on Gen Z

digital tech trendsMillennials are a loose cohort when it comes to the digital revolution and they are one of the most plugged in groups when it comes to digital tech trends. Some of them remember a world when digital technology was still in its infancy. They will be the last generation to not be totally integrated in digital technology from birth.

Generation Z, those born between the mid-1990s and the mid 2000s, are totally immersed in technology and are already entering the workforce. The same hold true for potential clients. If they are earning cash, they become high volume consumers.

Gen Z will help businesses sharpen up and bridge the digital divide. With their innate knowledge of how all things work, they can give an edge to your business. Likewise, you need to think about shifting the way you do business to a more plugged in consumer.


4. The NBN and 5G!

It is widely accepted that slow loading internet pages and apps are one of the biggest turn offs to consumers who are still in the exploration stage of their customer journey.

Things are changing though, Australia’s NBN rollout is gathering steam. There are competitive deals out there, the speed is pretty good and will only get better. Less frustration, better internet, and happier customers!

5G is also going to be a big thing in Australia this year and will affect both the mobile phone network and mobile broadband. Optus and Telstra are blazing a trail in the development in 5G, almost 10 years after they rolled out 4G.

Telstra has deployed 5G live on the Gold Coast. Despite hitting speed of 3,000Mbps, there are no commercially available devices to let you access it yet.

5G could clear a path for digital infrastructure, smart cities – and a more connected and integrated future.


5. AI and Voice Search

A report published in Forbes magazine (The Research Online Buy Offline report)  has shown that while up to 81% of mobile users carried out research before making a purchase, they were also getting lazier in how they did it.

Mobile phones have Bixby and Siri and people are using them more and more. In addition, stay at homers are also tapping into voice search with Google Home, Alexa, and Echo. Many are also using the Google mobile app to make voice searches.

Businesses have responded slowly to this so far, but there is growing realisation that voice search optimisation is the next big thing in attracting clients searching for goods or services on the web. Definitely one of the most important digital tech trends to keep tabs on.


6. A split between blockchain and cryptocurrencies

digital tech trendsBlockchain and cryptocurrencies used to go hand in hand, but the huge correction in 2018 shone the limelight on how blockchain actually works as a distributed ledger.

Some analysts say that 2019 could be the year where delivering services through blockchain in the health, energy, accounting, public records and many other sectors could make a breakthrough.


7. Visibility in search results

The key to being successful in any business in 2019 is visibility. Google changed its algorithm in 2018 and many businesses felt the pinch as the tech giant tightened up its standards for good practice search results.

Some websites were built on practices that Google now frowns upon, meaning that they got pushed down the results page.

SEO used to be the language of the digital gods, however, it is becoming easier for business owners to learn how it works thanks to a proliferation of high-end agency websites which offer online video courses to help people learn what they must do to truly rank on Google.

These include SEMRush, Ubersuggest and Screamingfrog. Learning how Google ranks your business will help you become more visible.


8. Acceptance of the telecommuting and the global workforce

A recent survey by the International Workplace Group has found that digital technology has fuelled the telecommuting revolution. Apps such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Google and even Facebook have changed the way we approach work.

Almost 70 percent of Australians work remotely at least once a week and 50 percent of Australians work remotely for at least half the week.

The IWG survey found that flexible working reduces commute time, boosts productivity, staff retention, job satisfaction and creativity, as well as offering direct savings to businesses.  

Australian businesses are also harnessing the global workforce by tapping into remotely based workers. There are also many opportunities to find workers one freelancer sites such as Upwork, Speedlancer, Fiverr and others.


9. The immersive experience – VR

digital tech trendsRemember when virtual reality was limited to the movies and Imax theatres? Virtual reality is about to take a big step into the way people do business. With new headsets rolling out by Occulus, businesses are beginning to see the value in immersive experiences that allow their clients to experience simulated reality.

VR is often associated with games and learning platforms, but many businesses are beginning to adopt the technology. You can now take a virtual tour of your hotel before you book it, or experience the view from the top of a mountain near your holiday resort.

You can also take a tour of a display village if you are interested in a house, or sample the view at a high rise restaurant before you book.

3D photography has come a long way and with the development of Matterport VR photography and the incredible opportunities that the Unreal software building engine, 2019 could be the breakthrough year for VR tech.


10. Augmented Reality – The future of digital tech trends

Virtual reality’s potential lies in the fact that it can engage a customer, but what about augmented reality?

You may have already had some experience with it. Augmented reality allows you to overlay information on a screen. Say you have a brick and mortar shop. If a person is using their mobile phone in your establishment, they can hover their camera over items and price popups and special offers will jump onto the screen. You can do the same for specifications and dimensions.

Augmented reality is also becoming a go-to for education. It is used to train doctors, nurses, teachers and police officers. With the rollout of 5G, it will soon be available for mainstream use.


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