Dexterous co-founder features in influential LeadershipHQ magazine

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Dexterous co-founding partner Nick Urry has featured in the influential LeadershipHQ magazine. You can read the full interview here: Leaders interview.

Speaking to LeadershipHQ CEO and founder Sonia McDonald, Nick talks about his leadership style, which has helped Dexterous Group grow quickly and sustainably.

He also speaks about the satisfaction of Dexterous winning the Best New Accounting Firm Award in the 2017 Australian Accounting Awards.

Nick also speaks of approachability and giving staff ownership of their tasks to encourage accountability, employee satisfaction and helping with personal and professional development.

He speaks about his love of building a business while managing and leading his highly capable team, who he acknowledges as playing a big part in the Dexterous Group success story.

Nick started out relatively late in getting his accounting degree, preferring to gain experience and learn from the university of life in his younger years. He said that in the transition to co-owning his own business, a very early lesson learned was that focusing on your team ultimately leads to a better wellbeing and a better service offered to clients.

He emphasises the importance of two way communication and, more importantly, proactive communication in any business environment. Leadership is a complex concept and Nick defines it as: “Empowering my team to grow professionally and personally and it’s my role to provide the framework and the guidance for this to happen.”

He is also a firm believer in keeping employees motivated, satisfied and happy.  With so many hours people spend at work, it’s very important to create an environment where team members can flourish and enjoy what they are doing. This philosophy, he says, translates into benefits for clients because the Dexterous team is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that their needs are met.

Nick also believes in speaking in simple and easy to understand terms. He acknowledges that accounting jargon can seem like Double Dutch to the vast majority of people, which is why he always makes sure that he explains things to them in language that they can understand. “I want them to leave knowing that they have a better understanding of their accounting situation,” he says.

His words of advice to any budding professional are to be patient, remain true to themselves and to focus only on what they can control, being diligent and striving to reach their full potential.

Visit Dexterous Group’s website for more information about the company and the services it can offer to help you grow your business.

You can also visit the LeadershipHQ website.