Do you use Business Portal to manage your payroll tax, BAS, IAS and other ATO requirements? The government has updated the way you log-in to these services to safeguard every company’s data against privacy threats, including fraud. It’s called myGovID. Never heard of it? Read on.

By 27 March 2020, all Australian businesses will be required to prove who they are by using a new tool: myGovID. Think of it as your ‘digital identity’. This also means you will no longer be able to use Auskey to identify your business; it ceases on 27 March 2020. So, it’s essential that you update your details to transition from AusKey to the new tool as a matter of priority.

What is myGovID?

myGovID is an app. To transition your business from Auskey to myGovID, simply:
1. Download myGovID from the App Store or Google Play
2. Prove who you are (you’ll be prompted for your email address and identity documents)
3. Once verified, simply log-in to Business Portal using myGovID. Easy.

What is the difference between myGov and myGovID?

MyGov is where you access government services as an individual, such as Medicare.

Meanwhile, MyGovID allows you to access government services for your business, eg. Business Portal to lodge your BAS, IAS, Single Touch payroll and so on. You can link this to the Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) to assign other users to your business account.

So remember; myGov is for your “Personal affairs” and MyGovID is for your “Business affairs”. In the future, you will be able to use the latter to log into myGov.

Is it secure for my business to use?

Yes. The app uses the security features of your phone – facial recognition or fingerprint – to protect your data and identity from fraud. Once you’ve downloaded the app to your phone and set it up by following the prompts, you can log in as often as you need quickly and without too much fuss.

How do I get started?

You can find out more information here or head to the App Store or Google Play to download the app for your business.

Any further questions? If you need more assistance, get in touch with Dexterous Group here, drop us an email or call 1300 996 928.