Accounting and Back Office Support: How Much Is It Really Costing Your Business?

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Is the rising cost of your back office holding your business back? Are you keen to identify how you could save up to $30,000 on these costs that can then be reinvested into driving your sales and marketing efforts?

If you are serious about growing your business, you need to invest in your business. The question then becomes how will you fund this without sacrificing on core teams like your accounting and back office staff.

One possible solution is to significantly reduce your accounting and back office support costs without reducing the level of support your business has become used to. Now how would you do this?

Take your business to the next level

Moving to a more cost effective accounting and back office is easier than you think and you can save more than you realise. At Dexterous Group, we combine cloud-based technology with a global workforce to regularly save our small business clients over $30,000 per annum per person.

What is a $30,000 saving worth to your business? To give you an appreciation for how you could spend the saving you could…

1. Boost your marketing budget: You can expand your marketing budget to $2.5K per month and significantly improve the visibility of your business therefore building brand equity.

2. Motivate your team: Looking after your team is important if you want to keep them motivated and performing well. With some extra cash you can incentivise them to improve performance and foster loyalty.

3. Grow your sales team: Hire business development or sales staff to drive revenue and bring in more business.

4. Invest in technology: To remain competitive your team needs to have access to the most up to date software and technology. Extra capital helps you ensure your team is provided with all the tools they need to do their jobs.

5. Get better advice: We all need guidance from time to time and the money you save can be put towards getting the right advice and high-level expertise.

Business apathy towards back office expenditure could be costing your business the opportunity to grow. We have outlined just some of the ways your business could benefit but there are many more.

Is it time you considered a smarter and more efficient accounting and back office platform? Contact Dexterous Group today!

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