5 Myths About The Global Workforce

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When it comes to hiring offshore employees there are still a number of very firmly entrenched misconceptions prevalent among Australian business owners. Believing these myths could be costing your business tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Because of these myths, many businesses are hesitant to take steps towards better organising and consolidating their business processes and in turn freeing up capital to invest in future growth and expansion.

It’s time to tackle some of the most common misconceptions we have come across about the global workforce and also shed some light on the reality of how hiring offshore employees can benefit your business:


Myth 1: Hiring overseas workers is bad for the Australian economy.

Fact: A thriving Australian business is never going to be bad for the Australian economy. Many of the businesses we work with find that the money they save on support staff costs by going overseas means they can hire more client facing Australian-based employees. A successful business is going to make a positive impact on the local economy regardless of where some of its workers are located.


Myth 2: Paying an offshore worker a low wage is exploitation.

Fact: The cost of living in Australia is extremely high compared to the rest of the world. Employing a team member based offshore lets you save a considerable amount on wages while still paying your worker a comfortable income in their home country.


Myth 3: Hiring offshore means compromising on quality.

Fact:  With an Australian managed solution you can be confident the work will be very high quality. At Dexterous Group we only recruit professionals and we manage them carefully to ensure that the quality of completed work is in line with Australian standards and expectations. We pride ourselves on our recruitment practices.


Myth 4: Cultural differences will be too hard to manage.

Fact:  With the right management in place, time differences, local holidays and communication headaches can be minimised and cultural differences need not stand in the way of a great result. With an Australian managed solution like ours, you won’t need to worry about any of these factors, they are all taken care of for you.


Myth 5: Overseas employees are not skilled or educated enough.

Fact:  Many of our overseas workers we use are tertiary educated and highly skilled. They are fluent in English and highly capable of taking on the tasks required of them.

The truth is, the global workforce can be your business’ best asset if you can look beyond the common myths and assumptions that are holding you back. By hiring employees from overseas you can free up a considerable amount of time and money to invest in the growth of your business and an Australian managed solution reduces the often-discussed pitfalls.

Are you ready to look beyond the myths and take your business to the next level? Get in touch with Dexterous Group today to learn more about how we can help.

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