Ready to thrive? Here’s 3 tell-tale signs your business needs more than a bookkeeper

We get it. Owning and running a business is a big job. Every day is an everchanging balance of growing sales opportunities, minimising costs and managing a positive work culture across your team. You want your business to boom whilst giving your people the opportunity to grow and feel a sense of fulfilment too.

However, one of the most common resourcing issues our Managing Director and CA,
Nick Urry, sees is team tensions from skillset discrepancy. “A client may have a bookkeeper managing the books at a transactional level however to drive business performance, they require greater insight and more financial expertise. For example, the business might really need a Management Accountant, Finance Manager and/or CFO to provide advanced expertise to support them.”

Here’s three common signs it’s time to review your bookkeeping and accountant resourcing for your business:

Three signs it’s time to upgrade your bookkeeper

  1. Your bookkeeper can’t offer strategic financial expertise

    One of the most common pain-points we see is the expectation that internal bookkeepers can step-up to offer strategic insights too. Whilst your Accounts Payable and Receivable staff can stay on top of invoicing and bank reconciliations, they may often struggle to provide high-level support to your growing business. Instead of adding pressure to your team by asking them to perform outside their current skill set, resource skill gaps with full finance function support so you have the right people in the right roles.

  2. Your business needs access to more skills

    The truth is, your business is always evolving. As it grows and changes, your finance requirements do too. Perhaps you want a payroll expert on a Monday and a Management Accountant on a Wednesday to do a deep dive on the cash flow or profitability of the business? It’s a big ask to expect one person to be capable of it all. However, you can tap into a range of abilities when you engage a full-service bookkeeping and accounting solution like Dexterous.

  3. Your Finance Manager needs support

    The engagement and fulfilment of your team is essential to the health of your business. Whilst your Finance Manager may be capable of completing transaction-level tasks, the person in this role is generally looking to operate at a higher level. Instead of expecting your Finance Manager to complete tasks below ‘their pay grade’ – give them seamless resourcing support for everyday tasks like payroll and bank reconciliations.

If you nodded along to one, two or three of the signs above, here’s how one simple solution can solve them all.

A one-stop finance solution

At Dexterous, our end-to-end finance solution can equip your business with the right support, at the right level. For example, if all you need is 40% of a Bookkeeper, 30% of a Management Accountant, plus 30% of a Finance Manager – we can give you that. It’s cost-effective, time-efficient, and simple to adopt thanks to cloud-technology and our progressive approach.

Dexterous Group is comprised of a Sydney client facing team who work seamlessly with our skilled Philippines team. Together, we work hard to deliver an affordable and superior end-to-end solution that makes a difference where it matters most. Your bottom line.

How we work with you

  • Our Sydney team are on-hand to get to know you, and your business.
  • We understand that every business is different. We focus on what’s important to you.
  • We don’t put you in a box. Instead, we will work with you to identify and provide the right finance solution for your business.
  • During your onboarding “hypercare” phase we invest heavily in understanding your needs and your business. We then truly know how best to service you.
  • We’re experienced. We know exactly what questions to ask.

Kick off your bookkeeper upgrade now

At the Dexterous Group, we understand that your needs can be unique. We are a passionate group of business-builders who would love to help your finance team have the right level of support. Talk to us today about how we can help you with your finance resourcing by calling 1300 996 928 or emailing We’re ready when you are.